If you will practice karate for life, of course you cannot stop during summer holidays!

Any goal or degree you reached during the year, you need to keep in training. But if you are not a professional athlete you have to slow down and diversify your activity : relax is very important to blow off steam and recharge lost energy. Training must be continuous to save your tone, mass and elasticity. Adapt your habits in new season with correct food and prefer times of the day when the temperature is lower.Since there is no need for a special training place, equipment or an opponent, you can practice karate everywhere: revise basic techniques with Khion, parts of kata, test and excercise your kumite combinations.

You need nothing but the pants of your karategi in your suitcase allthe time. Ko Italia Karategi trousers from Karate Training line was studied and created for complete freedom of movements for your legs, extension of geri, perfect split, jumps, bending the legs in all directions. With soft elastic waistband, this pant comes in ultralight polycotton and has large inserts in transpirant fabric for eccessive sweating in traning.

But summer holidays offer spare time doing sport, so you can practice everyday and change more activities: you can practice outdoor, swimming, beachvolley, tennis, football or you can simply have long pleasant walks. Do never forget stretching moments for your muscle fibers wellness. During these moments you can meditate with simple but deep basic breathing exercices, observing in your mind all thoughts passing by, up to a state of conscious and aware presence.


In the picture: VIVIANA BOTTARO during her summer karate training