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Skin Set Karategi Red/Blue WKF

200,00 €
Karategi Skin Red/Blue Wkf App Set 2 Jackets + 1 Trousers

Skin, the first Karategi in Microfiber of history is now Wkf Approved for Premier League, Series A, Youth League and all Championships.

This Set comes with 2 Jackets embroidered in Red and Blue + 1 Trousers.

Skin was a Karategi that revolutionized competitive Karate. This Ko Italia intuition has paved the way to microfiber use in kumite karategi from all international brands. 

Its name, Skin, comes because this microfiber fabric feels like a second skin on your body.

With this Set you can buy what you need for a competition, 2 jackets Aka/Ao and 1 trousers. This way you can save money.

Fabric: Microfiber Ultralight +/- 120gr/mt (4,30 oz)


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