There are many top athletes that are testimonials of the choice of our karategi and our brand. We decided to dedicate to some of them the first Ko Italy commercials titled "THINK AS A NUMBER ONE".

In an intense and exciting weekend, the director from Puglia has created an understanding with the athletes who have staged their sequences full of interpretation and temper. Our essential veteran Stefano Maniscalco, the champion Luigi Busà and the indisputable Nello Maestri in these 30-second videos move in the dust of the stars with three different personalities. They are and think as numbers one, suspended in the universe, their bodies move in the emptiness, the kicks and the fists direct the constellations. The concept we wanted to make is that of harmony with the whole, elegance of the determination, suspension in concentration, all underlined by the electronic background notes that express the strongest voice of inner silence. Here you find the links to the three video: we invite you to watch it at high volume!