Viviana Bottaro
Viviana Bottaro
Viviana Bottaro
Viviana Bottaro

Karategi Elegant

160,00 €
Restyle by Viviana Bottaro: Elegant Kata gi meets all needs in progress of professional athletes. It enhances the performance in competition to the highest level

Karategi Professional Elegant : Historical Kata Champions Karategi, Elegant evolves and renews thanks to cooperation with international Champion Viviana Bottaro. Karategi Elegant always respects kata tradition but changes wearability of jacket as for pants to satisfy new demads. Professional athletes with new Elegant complete and improve their expressiveness towards the perfect performance on tatami. 

Elegant Kata Karategi is totally Made-in-Italy. It is hand made with caractheristic heavy fabric from MIlan with brushing process that makes it soft but snap. It does not shrink with correct washing because of sanforize process of fabric. 


Cut: Kata

Fabric: Brushed Panama Cotton 100% - 400gr/mtq


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Size Height
000 110 cm
00 120 cm
0 130 cm
I 140 cm
I ½ 145 cm
II 150 cm
II ½ 155 cm
III 160 cm
III ½ 160 cm
IV 170 cm
IV ½ 175 cm
V 180 cm
V ½ 185 cm
VI 190 cm
VI ½ 195 cm
VII 200 cm